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My 9 Reasons Why I’m Not Sure “13 Reasons Why” Should Be Glorified

(Warning: SPOILERS. Stop reading if you haven’t watched this series and intend to.) Seriously. Spoilers. Lots of them. 13 Reasons Why. Everyone had been buzzing about this show and I admit, I was immediately sucked in and finished the series in just three nights. At first, I praised the show, thinking I gained something from… Continue reading My 9 Reasons Why I’m Not Sure “13 Reasons Why” Should Be Glorified

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Please Don’t Thank Me for Being A Working Mom.

I read this wonderfully sweet post today, thanking us working momsĀ for basically holding down the fort, if you will, in the work force. It was endearing and not at all condescending like some pieces similar to this have been. I felt the author was genuine and all of her words came from a beautiful place.… Continue reading Please Don’t Thank Me for Being A Working Mom.

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In Support of Unconventional Relationships

If I had to guess, I would say that those who know me at all would describe me as “unconventional”. It’s definitely been said about me. I’m not sure if that’s a nice way of calling me bat-shit crazy but it’s an adjective that I’ve learned to embrace. I’ve never liked conventionalism or rules of… Continue reading In Support of Unconventional Relationships

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Being On Both Sides of Infidelity

I hear and read debates on why people cheat so often. How a woman’s reasons for cheating are different from a man’s. How women seek attention and to fill voids and how men look for the physical. The truth is, everyone’s reasons for cheating are different. Everyone’s path to cheating is different. Some couples’ willingness… Continue reading Being On Both Sides of Infidelity

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Resettling Refugees 101

I haven’t taken the time to write about hot-button topics lately. I just don’t have the energy most days because, if I’m being honest, politics have been totally defeating and exhausting to me and they’ve been a weight on my soul since the election. I admit that I’m more politically charged than ever before. I… Continue reading Resettling Refugees 101

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Being a Champion is Tricky Business. Being a Parent is Even Trickier.

If you’ve been following my writing, you know that I’m an open book, for better or worse. I’ve said it a million times and I will say it again: I write to connect with people. I write on divorce, motherhood, relationships, personal life events, kindness, and acceptance. Nothing new here. Nothing extremely unique. Just another… Continue reading Being a Champion is Tricky Business. Being a Parent is Even Trickier.

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The Distraction Called ‘Election Year’

Is it over? Can I come out yet? No. Apparently not. My social media feeds are telling me it’s not safe yet. Hasn’t it all been awful? Trump. Clinton. Racism. Emails. Misogyny. Emails. Bigotry. Emails. Pussy grabbing. Emails. Trump University fraud. Emails. 4000+ law suits. Emails. Homophobia. Emails. I mean, no matter what side of… Continue reading The Distraction Called ‘Election Year’